Batwing abaya "Maryam" Batwing abaya "Maryam" Batwing abaya "Maryam"
Batwing abaya "Maryam" Batwing abaya "Maryam" Batwing abaya "Maryam"

Batwing abaya "Maryam"

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A chic abaya for every sister who's looking for a proper coverage and a beautiful flow. Zipper to make it suitable for nursing.

Made in either a soft lightweight fabric or a mediumweight crepe - both that falls beautifully, in the color of your choice.


Lightweight fabric - a thinner, soft fabric - tasnim origial. Perfect for summer and hot days.

Mediumweight fabric - a thicker crepe fabric with a wonderful flow, perfect for autumn and winter, or for sisters who prefer thicker fabrics.

Petite - 150 cm from sleeve to sleeve for our shorter sisters.

Standard - 170 cm from sleeve to sleeve.


We recommend you to choose a abaya that fits your length best, we have an approximate size chart below for guidence, however we advice you to measure from your sholder to the length you would like to be sure you get the good fit.

For length adjustments please contact us.


Size chart - length (for guidance only):

Abaya length: Your length in cm: Your length in feet:
125-130 cm / 49-51 inches 150 cm 4ft 11 in
130-135 cm / 51-53 inches 155 cm 5 ft 1 in
135-140 cm / 53-55 inches 160 cm 5 ft 3 in
140-145 cm / 55-57 inches 165 cm 5 ft 5 in
145-150 cm / 57-59 inches 170 cm 5 ft 7 in
150-155 cm / 59-61 inches 175 cm 5 ft 9 in
155-160 cm / 61-63 inches 180 cm 5 ft 10 in


Please note: This product is handmade, therefore slight differences might occur.