Beauty.   Elegance.   Faith.

We want every Muslimah to feel elegant, comfortable and confident. With a great passion for design and the Muslim ummah we wish to offer garments without compromising on behalf of the Islamic rulings on clothing. In order to be pleased with yourself, you must seek to please Allah and what you wear is a statement of who you are.

Tasnims Collections is a modest clothing line, where beauty, elegance and faith are combined to help create satisfying clothing pieces.

Our products:

Our jilbabs and abayas are designed by a sister, for a sister. Each piece is custom made by our tailor who has 30 years of experience in creating beautiful, modest clothing. Our designs consist of jilbabs, abayaat, sarwals, hijabs and niqabs and there will be more to come in sha Allâh.

About us:

Tasnim Collections was established in the spring of 2014 in Morocco, Marrakech. We are an online based store, who aims to offer our clothing world wide.

When we moved to Marrakech we saw an opportunity to finally make the dream of designing clothing for the Muslim woman come true. Morocco was not just an opportunity for Tasnim Collections to start but also a big inspiration with its beautiful colors and friendly people.

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