1 pcs jilbab "Fatimah" 1 pcs jilbab "Fatimah"
1 pcs jilbab "Fatimah" 1 pcs jilbab "Fatimah"

1 pcs jilbab "Fatimah"

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Effortless and freeflowing with a supreme coverage without adding too much weight to your head. This piece have a timeless, modest, design for the sister who's looking to fullfill her hijaab properly. 

Please choose a length suitable for you, usually one need approx 6-8 cm longer than ones own height.

Choose between petitestandard and plus size.

Need longer or shorter than sizes available? Please contact us.



Lightweight fabric - a thinner, soft fabric - tasnim origial. Perfect for summer and hot days.

Mediumweight fabric - a thicker crepe fabric with a wonderful flow, perfect for autumn and winter, or for sisters who prefer thicker fabrics.

Standard - 180 cm wide jilbab, from sleeve to sleeve (including sleeves).

Petite - Smaller width, suitable for sisters in smaller lengths who don't want the jilbabs to be much oversized. 155 cm, from sleeve to sleeve.


Please note: Measurements are approximated and small differences may occur.